2MNSZIP44Plus Four, New ZIP + 4 or standardized ZIP + 4
3MNSDPBC2Delivery Point Bar Code, New DPBC or standardized DPBC
4MNSCHKDIG1New check digit or standardized check digit
5MNSRRT4Carrier Route Code, New CART or standardized CART
6MNSLOT4Line of Travel Number, New LOT code or standardized LOT
7MNSLOTORD1LOT Alpha (A for Ascending Order or D for Descending Order)
8MNSERRSTAT4Record status code
9MNSDPV1DPV Return CodeDetails
10MNSCMRA1CMRA FlagDetails
11MNSDPVFN20DPV FootnotesDetails
12MNSLACS1LACSLink IndicatorDetails
13MNSSTEFN2SuiteLink FootnotesDetails
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