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Move48(NCOALink®) / Deceased Suppression
We can run your database through the NCOALink ® process to standardize and update your address information, and also flag individuals on your list that match against the deceased database. Ordering the bundled service allows us to run the processes in one pass and at a lower cost than running separate services.

Move48(NCOALink®) was designed to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail by correcting input addresses prior to mailing, and will satisfy the mandatory move update requirement for postal automation discounts. A move update qualification is required every 95 days to qualify for automation discounts.

Our service includes the CASS/DPV/LACSLink®, with SuiteLink® , and return codes. As an additional benefit we also provide DMA Suppression Flags.

Please note that this service does not support international addresses. We do offer a separate Canadian National Change of Address (CNCOA) service.

Return Codes - We provide a comprehensive set of return codes; primary return codes indicating a match type and confidence level of deliverability, and secondary return codes where there was a match on name and address, but subsequent testing failed to yield an acceptable match, or a new address could not be provided.

DMA Suppression - The DMA suppression flag notifies a mailer that the input record is a consumer who has indicated that they prefer not to receive advertising mail at home. Members of The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) must run all prospect lists against DMA Suppression data to comply with membership requirements regarding privacy issues.

Deceased suppression matches the full first name, middle initial (where provided), last name and address to a database containing over 60 million deceased individuals compiled over the last eight years. This file is updated on a quarterly basis from datasets provided by the social security administration, which records all deaths in the country.

Acknowledgement Form

A completed Processing Acknowledgement Form must be received prior to processing. The form may be faxed to us at (608) 796-0657 or scanned and emailed to listcleanup-Customerservice@authenticom.com.

RecordsSame Day
< 75M$2.55/M
75M - 300M$2.40/M
300M - 500M$2.25/M
> 500MPlease call

Key: M = 1,000

Move48(NCOALink®) / Deceased Suppression: Layout of Data Appended
Move48(NCOALink®) / Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA)
Move48(NCOALink®) / DSF - Delivery Sequence File

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