Phone Data Processing

Premier Residential Phone Append/Verify
For the most current phone append/verify service, we can match against a database that is sourced from the telephone companies directory assistance records, commonly referred to as the 411 directory. The data is updated daily, and current right up to the last 48 hours. This is the most current and accurate source for telephone numbers available, as the Directory Assistance data is held to a much higher quality standard. Residential numbers are maintained on this data base. Our service typically matches from 35%- 55% on consumer files. Telephone append includes updated area codes on matched records.

There are a number of options. You can append numbers to a list of names and addresses, select verify only on a list with phone numbers, or select append/verify. The append/verify process is recommended for lists that have some records with numbers and others without. We also have an option for the DNC flags relative to whether you qualify for a waiver form or must provide a SAN, as described below.

Here are guidelines to determine if you qualify for a waiver or must register for a SAN (Subscription Authorization Number) Non-profit organizations and political organizations can sign a waiver. If you are calling individuals who have a business relationship with you in the last 18 months, you can use the waiver. If you are calling for research/survey purposes and not offering anything for sale, you also can use the Waiver form. All other companies calling for commercial purposes must register with the FTC and get a SAN. You register for the area codes you will be calling and the fee is related to the number of area codes you register. You can select a small number of area codes at no cost. The SAN is available by registering at and the SAN Authorization form can be downloaded here.

If you require Do Not Call (DNC) records to be indicated, we will append a code field telling you which DNC database the client is currently listed in. Where applicable, codes included are the Federal DNC, selected State DNC, and the Direct Marketing Association Telephone Preference Service (DMA/TPS).

We must have either a signed SAN form or a Waiver form on file before we can process your database.

RecordsSame Day
< 75M$12.00/M Appended
$10.00/M (Matched) Verify Inputted Numbers
75M - 300M$11.00/M Appended
$9.50/M (Matched) Verify Inputted Numbers
300M - 1MM$9.00/M Appended
$8.00/M (Matched) Verify Inputted Numbers
> 1MMPlease call

Key: M = 1,000

Premier Residential Phone Append/Verify: Layout of Data Appended

DNC (Do Not Call) Scrub
Phone Type Indicator (PTI)
Reverse Residential Phone Append

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